Travel through the Elysian's temple, and recollect the rings to regain your psychic powers. There are 6 Elyisian rings, 4 bonus rings, and 1 giant ring at the end goal. Good luck.

WARNING: Game may have issues on Google Chrome.

Director: Kole Twitter 

Programmer: Dev Twitter

Puzzle Design: Topper Twitter

Music: Whelp Twitter Soundcloud

Enemy Design and Models: Shadelow Twitter

Stage Concept Art and Textures: PeaceMaker


Keyboard: A&D to move left and right, Space to jump, Q or E to rotate, Q+E to reset rotation.

Mouse: Left click to grab objects, right click to freeze, middle click to reset rotation.


Elysian Rings - Windows 29 MB
Elysian 30 MB

Development log


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Would be nice if you would update it 

Ludum Dare took our attention away for a bit, but I'm working on an update.

getting 1 frame per second, and Unity web is complaining that:

UnityLoader.js:4 Looks like you are rendering without using requestAnimationFrame for the main loop. You should use 0 for the frame rate in emscripten_set_main_loop in order to use requestAnimationFrame, as that can greatly improve your frame rates!
printErr @ UnityLoader.js:4

We're sorry to hear that you had issues, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I looked up the error, and it's apparently to do with the 60FPS limit we set. I don't entirely think it's what's causing your 1FPS issue, it might help if you tried playing on a different browser. All our games for instance seem to have issues on Google Chrome. If that still doesn't work, we plan to add downloadable versions when the voting period for the jam ends.

-Mark (Kole)

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Wow! I think I just finished the game because I managed to get the two powers and also the two big rings. But anyways I just loved your game! The mechanics are great and those two powers are juste really great! The grabbing and the freezing really gives a plus to the game, I just loved it ! Keep it up!

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I do not understand how to use the one that seems like it's supposed to break through the hollow stuff.

Hold shift, and when you reach max speed double jump.