Made for Mini Jam 11      Theme -Harvest-     Limitation: No Text

Submitted to Weekly Jam 63    Theme -Watch the Sky-

Catch the falling eggs!

Use left and right, A and D, to move the basket.

The cracked eggs make you slip, but they also give a speed boost!

Design - Topper - @Topper_Games

Art - Maakole - Tumblr

Audio - Whelp - SoundCloud

Made withUnity
Tags2D, eggs, Unity


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Very nice take on the theme! I really like the visuals and the music. I think the basket could be a little faster but other than that great work!

Great work with the art on this one; the chicken sprite is especially cute. The game itself is quite fun too! I found myself wishing there where more levels :D 

Great visuals. Wish the basket was slightly more satisfying to move around. Seems a bit slow but great work overall!

I see you updated it since minijam, really like keyboard controls a lot better than mouse controls.  Sticking with no text aesthetic works for this game.  I still don't think anything is needed with the cracked eggs and eggs that drop straight down are still a tad too fast.  

the cracked egg remnants are unnecessary and create a negative feedback loop of difficulty that you can't really do anything about. they don't give you time to get good at predicting where the egg will fall

I was gonna say those are some strong eggs, but they go smush at the bottom. What magical material are those gem-like things that they don't crack eggs? :P

All kidding aside, this would be great on mobile. Casual fun. Music levels are a bit iffy - game over music is super loud. But otherwise cool stuff.

Game is interesting, prediction of  trajectory is challenging, but control of a basket is a little bit too slow.  Or maybe it is just me as a casual player xD