In a post-apocalyptic world, you're forced risk your life with every step and action to get by. You're a fragile old man, broken and desolate with little hope left for survival. But with your trusty robotic toaster, you might just be able to find hope across this harsh landscape.


WASD to move, space to jump, Mouse to aim toast and grab objects close to you. Manage your health, and the energy supply of your robot companion toaster carefully to survive.

Made for Ludlum Dare 44. Theme- Your life is currency. Both the robot and the hobo's life are currency that must be traded for each other's well being, and for the sake of acquiring bread.


Team: Goat Boat Games - @games_boat

Programmers: Dev - @Devthedev2 & Kole - @MaakoleArtWorks

Artists: PeaceMaker & Shadelow - @ShadeLowen

Musician: Whelp -  @whelpsoundsSoundCloud/whelp

Designers: Topper - @Topper_Games & Pineabbleskewer - @Pineabbleskewer & QuickStudy - @mbstruve


Download 28 MB


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Ow, great game. There is lot of potential in this little piece, if you ask me. 

I could only find 2 equips, there are one more?


I was a little confused at first when playing this game. Then I realized the mechanics and it was a lot of fun. Managing my jumps, toast supply, and energy. Overall a very enjoyable platformer.